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Ironwood Gold Corp. is rapidly building a high quality portfolio of exploration properties containing known deposits of gold. Principally located in Nevada, where 80% of all gold in America is produced today, Ironwood has targeted several high probability locations historically prospective for gold and silver in direct proximity to a number of major producing companies. The Company has assembled an expert team, developed working relationships with important industry players and is underwriting independent N.I. 43-101 reports detailing the assets and offering exploratory recommendations towards the development of commercially viable mining operations. Please review our website to find out more.

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"Gold has a strong technical structure and rhythm with key elements of price, time and geometry pointing to a significant juncture at 2600 in 2014. This base case projection for unleveraged spot Gold represents a more than doubling in value over the coming 5 years. Fundamentally, the stock market and in particular the resource sector are also expected to advance substantially over the same period, powered by accelerating global demand, supply constraints, and a generally weaker US Dollar. Junior mining companies with good properties offer an opportunity for notable outperformance, benefiting from the major uptrends in both equities and commodities." 502 Bad Gateway

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David Bensimon
Noted Industry Analyst